New Karts

MS Kart Blue Phoenix

New design for 2018

xs-kart-1 xs-kart-2 xs-kart-3


As rolling Kart


Designed with help from JDR especially for the UK Tyre and Circuits for 2018.

  • 32mm Tube A Frame Design with 50mm Axle, 1050mm Wheelbase
  • 30mm Parallel Design Also available. (Recommended for smaller driver)
  • Self Adjusting K Kart Brake
  • Adjustable Front and Rear Ride Height
  • Sniper Castor / Camber Kits
  • Magnesium Axle Components
  • New KG 506 Bodywork - Plastic rear bumper for X30 / Rotax, Steel for TKM
  • Douglas LV Magnesium Wheels
  • Front + Side Torsion Bars


  • Lightweight Version Available
  • Full Magnesium Wheels
  • Tillett Seat
  • Small Driver Pedal Extension Kit
  • Chassis Protector Plates
  • Skid Plates